Stephen Paulus Emerging Composer Competition

Thank you to the composers who have made submissions to the 2018 competition!

Judging is now underway. Entrants will be notified when decisions have been made, expected in mid-October.

Congratulations to Matthew Lyon Hazzard, last season’s winner among 40 submissions in the inaugural year of the competition!

For the 2018-19 competition, the winning work will be performed on November, 2018 concerts of American music that honor veterans and commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day.

The text to be set for the competition is an excerpt from The Hosts, written by American poet Alan Seeger while he served in World War I, in which he was killed:

In their new dedication charged

With something heightened, enriched, enlarged,

That lends a light to their lusty brows

And a song to the rhythm of their trampling feet,

They are moved by the powers that force

The sea for ever to ebb and rise,

That hold Arcturus in his course,

And marshal at noon in tropic skies

The clouds that tower on some snow-capped chair

And drift out over the peopled plain.

They are big with the beauty of cosmic things.

This text is in the public domain.

Submissions will be adjudicated by prominent American composers. Last year’s adjudicators were Dan Asia, Jocelyn Hagen and Dale Warland.

Submit your score and MIDI recording by emailing If possible, please also send a link to your MIDI realization.