New Protocols in True Concord’s Commitment to Safety
(Updated 9/21/2021)

This fall, we are overjoyed to experience live concerts with you again in “A New Day.” In our commitment to the health & safety of our audience members, artists and staff, we are enacting the following health & safety policies created in consultation with board member and medical doctor Eve Shapiro and the latest recommendations from the CDC and Pima County Health Department. 

As we share beautiful, enriching music with you, we want to protect the health and well being of our patrons as well as our artists, many of whom travel around the country for work, and whose livelihoods depend on maintaining good health. 


All audience members are required to show verification of vaccination OR negative COVID-19 test (taken within 72 hours of the event), along with supporting photo ID, and wear masks while in the concert venue. 

Vaccination (Final dose administered at least 2 weeks before event date)
Send before or show at the door

Send vaccine info before:
    • You may email a photo or scan of your vaccine card/s to no later than 48 hours before the performance. 
      • Once your vaccination has been verified, True Concord will mark your tickets (all your tickets for the season) and send them to you via mail or email (if you have already received your tickets, new, marked tickets will be sent).
      • After we verify your vaccination, we will delete your email and attachments to protect your privacy.
    • Show your marked ticket at the door, with photo ID, for faster entry to the concert.
      • It’s not a bad idea to bring a copy of your vaccine card to the concert anyway.
Show at the door:
    • Instead of sending before, you may show your vaccination card/s, along with photo ID and your ticket/s, when you arrive at the concert. 
      • You are encouraged to show a picture of your vaccination card/s on a smartphone or tablet. Photocopies of vaccination cards will also be accepted.
      • For fastest checking, you can make a photocopy or smartphone photo of your vaccine card and photo ID together.
    • Please plan to arrive earlier than usual if having your vaccine status checked at the event. The check-in process will begin 45 minutes before the concert.  

Negative COVID Test (taken within 72 hours of event)

Show at the door:
    • Your negative COVID test results can be shown at the door, along with photo ID. Test results must be from a test provider, lab, or health care provider, and may be shown on a device such as a smartphone. 
    • Children under 12 are welcome with a negative COVID test.
    • Please plan to arrive earlier than usual if showing your test results at the event. The check-in process will begin 45 minutes before the concert.

We encourage all patrons to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Vaccine information and locations are listed on the Pima County Health Department website.


  • As an additional safety measure, all audience members will be required to wear a mask at all times while inside the venue. All attendees, employees, and volunteers will be required to wear masks and performers will wear masks before and after the performance.


  • Autumn (October & November) venues are larger than usual to facilitate audience social distancing and maximize air flow. Audience sizes for autumn concerts are projected to be well below capacity.
  • At Autumn concerts, to reduce crowding, there will be no pre-concert talk, intermission or post-concert “meet & greet” with artists.

Flexible ticketing options

  • If you are not comfortable attending a concert for any reason, we can exchange your live tickets for digital concert tickets, a concert later in the season, credit toward future concerts, or issue a no-questions-asked refund prior to the concert date. 


As conditions and CDC recommendations evolve, we encourage you to check this page often for updates to policies. Our most up-to-date health & safety policies can be found here at this page (, and we will continue to announce updates via email & social media. 


Artists, Volunteers and Staff 

True Concord requires all artists, volunteers and staff members to be vaccinated. 

Artists will take a COVID-19 test prior to their travel to Tucson and/or participation in rehearsals. 

All volunteers and staff will wear masks during all events. Artists will wear masks when not on stage performing. 


Thank you for your cooperation and trust in this unprecedented time! 

We are happy to answer any questions, clarify, or give further information. Please call 520-401-2651 or email 


Other Relevant Questions

What if I buy tickets but want to switch concerts?

Simply call us at 520-401-2651 to exchange your tickets. True Concord does not charge exchange fees.

Is there a possibility that concerts could be cancelled?

Since the onset of the pandemic, True Concord has remained committed to presenting concerts. Rather than cancelling, we will strive to reschedule concerts if necessary.

I have credit on my account, or tickets to the Bach B-Minor Mass from last season.

You are welcome to use your credit toward tickets or donate it in support of True Concord’s mission. Your tickets to the B-Minor Mass are still valid; you do not need to repurchase them. We will resend all the B-Minor Mass tickets in the fall. Call our office at (520) 401-2651 to confirm your credit, switch concert dates, or to ask quesitons.

What can I do to help ensure a safe & successful season for True Concord?

Your support, through subscription purchases and donations, helps keep True Concord strong and gives us confidence in our planning. We urge you to get vaccinated and encourage your loved ones to as well. Most recent CDC guidelines indicate vaccinated persons can gather indoors without restrictions. Our summer observations and discussions will be informative as to whether that guideline can be applied to our concerts this autumn.